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If your are looking to make your pooch the best-dressed dog in the neighborhood, you will find  stylish and luxury clothes at You can choose from a selection of puppy clothes, , stylish dog clothes, and  luxury dog apparel.  To complement their clothes, you will find jeweled dog collars, puppy collars,and  fo Your pooch will look stunning in our  unique dog collars,  jeweled dog leads and harnesses  while keeping your dogs safe, we have just the right products for your dog.  Please click on the pictures to take you to the different areas of this site.  Just click on the items you have chosen and you will be taken to the secure shopping cart.


Pretty pink fur winter dog coat stylish dog clothes - pink dress Black dog tuxedo luxury dog apparel  
winter dog coat   Stylish Dog clothes luxury dog apparel  
  jeweled dog collar     dog accessories
jeweled dog collar Dog Accessories    
designer dog bed jeweled dog collar  dog lead and harness
designer beds unique dog collars leads & Harnesses

My name is Kate and I love dressing up in cute dog clothes, and when I was a little puppy I snuggled up in my cute pink satin designer dog bed, but now I get to sleep in my dog crate bed when my parents go to work.  My grandma thought all the moms and dads out there would love to have these luxury clothes,  unique dog collars, , fleece dog coats, and fancy dog harnesses, for your little 'princess' 'baby' or prince, that I get to wear. The prices are affordable! But I talked my grandma into giving our first time customers a 10% discount on your first item.  

Did I tell you that I am a 'Morkie', that is 75 % Maltese and 25% Yorkie, so we found small dog apparel to fit me and  made sure we haveYorkie dog clothes too.  We also haveluxury  puppy clothes for large dogs and tiny dogs clothesthat are pretty elegant and I like to wear my small dog collars or fancy dog collars.  You will also find Unique dog collars and fancy dog harnesses.  






 All the items were carefully chosen for quality, beauty and wear and tear.  Please be sure to go to our sizing chart so that you can get the best fit.


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