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12 Apr 2009    Dog Breeds
12 Apr 2009    Hypoallergenic dogs
27 Aug 2008    Preparing for the new puppy

All excited about your new puppy? Be sure to prepare before you pick up your new puppy.

13 Aug 2008    How to pick the right dog collar

How do you decide what type of collar you are going to use? Leather, Jeweled, Simple cloth collar?

5 Aug 2008    Fancy dog beds

Tips on what to look for while shopping for a dog bed.

31 Jul 2008    Dogs in the heat

Yes, that title was intentional.  How do you protect your dog in the heat of this summer?

15 Jun 2008    July 4th and pets

July 4th and fireworks are almost synonymous.  Ways to protect your pet from the noise of the fireworks.

10 Jun 2008    Dangers at the pool

Many things we take for granted around a pool, may turn out to be  poisonous to our pets, especially, the smaller dogs.  If you use a spray to keep the mosquitoes away, orrub on sunsreen it may not be good for your dog......Read on

16 May 2008    Dog coats

Time to take off our coats.  How does a dog do that for summer?

5 May 2008    Dog country clubs

How does mud baths and saltwater pools sound? Will your dogs love it?  Will you love it?

28 Apr 2008    Senior Citizens as Pet Sitters

Dogs are great companions for Senior Citizens

28 Apr 2008    Dog sitting for Senior Citizens

Dog sitting can be therapeutic

25 Apr 2008    Microchips for all pets

Arkansas city requires all pets to have microchips!

25 Apr 2008    Dogs save baby

Wild dogs save abandoned newborn baby girl

22 Apr 2008    Caring for your dog's coat

How do care for your dog's coat?

21 Apr 2008    Jeweled dog collars

Jeweled dog collars serve the same purpose as jewelry does for humans.

15 Apr 2008    How to choose a dog crate bed
11 Apr 2008    Designer dog apparel

Does Paris Hilton dress all or her 17 dogs all the time?

11 Apr 2008    What does a dog's bark mean

Does a dog bark to annoy your neighbors?

7 Apr 2008    Luxury dog apparel

Planning on a doggie wedding? Luxury dog appare will meet your needs.

7 Apr 2008    "Woman bites pit bull"

What would posses a woman to bite a pit bull on the nose? .....

5 Apr 2008    Guide dog's need for a harness

Guide dogs need a harness

3 Apr 2008    Hot dogs relieve pain.

Hot dogs that relieve chronic pain!

2 Apr 2008    What is in a name

Does your pet's name describe him?

2 Apr 2008    Can your dog heal you?

Does having a pet have an effect on your health.

1 Apr 2008    How to dress your dog

To dress your dog, or not to is the question

31 Mar 2008    Naming your dog

How do you choose a name for your dog?  Is there a special rule of thumb to follow?

28 Mar 2008    Disabled Dog Rescues Disabled Owners

Crippled Rat Terrier named Tripod, saves owners from burning house.

27 Mar 2008    The problems to avoid when dressing your dog.
26 Mar 2008    How to choose a pet

Choosing a pet can be daunting jog, and yet it could fun and your children will learn about giving back.

25 Mar 2008    Bringing puppy home

Bringing a new puppy home is like bringing a little baby home.  Things to keep in mind.

23 Mar 2008    Puppy's first night

Kate woke up at night several times, crying.

21 Mar 2008    Easter Danger for Dogs

Hidden dangers in Easter eggs!

21 Mar 2008    Easter Dog Parade

Dog-Gone-Easter-dog parade was held to let the dogs get dressed up in designer and luxury dog clothes and strut their stuff.

20 Mar 2008    Harnesses for dogs

Harnesses help control your dog!

19 Mar 2008    Dogs in the snow

Dogs in the snow would freeze because their coats are not prepared for the winter.  See details....



19 Mar 2008    Dog vaccinations

All dogs must have regular checkups and keep their vaccinations upto date for their health.


16 Mar 2008    Puppies in the snow!

How are puppies to walk in snow taller themselves, especially when they thought it was Spring!

16 Mar 2008    Dog CPR

Dog CPR is similar to CPR for babies.

14 Mar 2008    Puppy immunizations

Do puppies need immunizations too?

11 Mar 2008    Dog crate beds

Crate beds make the dog's day a lot softer.

11 Mar 2008    Harnesses for small dogs

Small dogs like Yorkies and Maltese should not have a leash attached to a collar.  Read further to see why.

10 Mar 2008    Crate dog beds

A good crate dog bed will keep your baby happy all day!



10 Mar 2008    Memory foam dog beds

Memory foam dog beds conform to the shape, size and temperature of the dog.  Aging dogs with arthritis will greatly benefit by the use of a memory foam dog bed.



As featured on Ezine articles

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