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Does your dog bark to annoy the neighbors?
11 Apr 2008

Why do dogs bark? It is their way of speaking one would say. When they keep you up all night barking and your neighbors come knocking at your door to shut the dog up, what is he trying to say to you? Does the dog bark so that he can annoy the neighbors? Of course not. he does not care what the neighbors are doing. What he cares about is what you are doing? I took a dog test yesterday and I got 3 out of 5 correct. But that is not the point. The point is one question asked why the dog barks. My answer was because he is unsure or insecure about something. Guess what. My answer was correct. Do you ever see your dog barking a lot when he is comfortable in his surroundings, and everyone that he loves is close to him.

Dogs bark because they are unsure of insecure about something. When my daughter got her dog, Kate she was 8 weeks old, and they put her in her cage to sleep at night. She would bark or rather cry a lot.

  • This was all new to her

  • She was away from her mother and brothers and was scared

  • She was content to sleep on my son-in-laws tummy or in my daughter's lap

  • She did not bark when she was sitting beside me

  • She would bark if we had to put her in the crate, so we could go out

  • It sounded like she was stomping her feet and barking at us - saying 'don't leave me here all alone'

  • When Kate is with me, she is content if I am downstairs with her. When I have to go up for something, she would look at me and bark. At first she did not know what to do and would cry, so I would pick her up and bring her with me. She was unable to go up the spiral staircase. But there is another set of stairs that she has learned to use. So one day when I was running up for something, she looked at me and barked, and then took off running. She beat me to my bedroom. After that whenever I went up the spiral staircase, she would bark and then take off to the other set of stairs.

  • One day, I was preparing for a sermon at church and was very intent on what I was doing, with all my notes around me and my laptop in front. She tried getting around the papers, and even walked all over it to come sit next to me where she was secure. But when she could not get the attention, she growled and barked at me, as if to say, 'have you forgotten me?' She becomes insecure when she is not with her loved ones, and barks at us.

  • True, they like to bark at the cars or if anyone is coming to their home. But incessant barking means they are insecure and need to be attended to.

When we were born we felt secure as long as we were in our parents care. In the same way, when you adopt a dog, you become their parents, and it is our duty to keep them secure.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in stylish dog clothes, jeweled dog collars and have her sleep on luxury dog beds.

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