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15 Apr 2008

We say our dogs/pets are like our children, and yet we do not consider their comfort when in the crate. Many people put their dogs in the crate, either for the night or when they go to work, so that the dog will be contained in one space. Some small dogs who tend to sleep a lot don't seem to mind being in the crate. But I have seen people who just put their pets in a crate without so much as a little mat. Some put towels to soften the bottom, some give them a little blanket. However, if you were to give them a nice mattress or dog crate bed, they will thank you for it (of course no matter what, you dog always forgives and loves you anyway). So shouldn't we give them a soft place to lay their bodies and heads. How do you choose a dog crate bed?

  • Measure the crate that your dog will be in. The mattress will be slightly smaller so it won't bunch up against the sides.

  • You have a choice of colors, but I would advise against a light colored dog crate bed.

  • The thickness of the crate bed will depend on the height of the crate and the size of the dog

  • Does your dog need a thermal bed? This thermal bed keeps the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Does your dog need a memory foam dog bed?

  • Is your dog old and having arthritic problems? If so you will need a memory foam dog bed.

  • If your dog is small, then you won't need a very thick bed. The larger the dog (and heavier), the thicker the bed needs to be.

  • You have a choice of soft terry, fleece, plush, poly ultrasuede, sherpa and berber materials.

  • There are flat beds and beds that have a bumper-like edge that protects your dog in a wire crate.

  • They come in many different colors

  • You can put a separate bumper guard around a wire cage to keep your dog from rubbing against the wire, or biting into it.

  • The bed must be washable, or at least the cover must be washable, in case of accidents. Dogs usually wait till they are taken out.

Whatever your choice is, the ultimate purpose for the dog crate bed is for the comfort of your pooch, who is your baby. You may choose an open, wire crate, or a closed crate used to carry your pet in. While your dog is younger, he sleeps longer, as they grow up you will increase the size and the type of crate you use. When you make these changes, their need for a different crate bed will also change. Whether it as burgundy, dark green, bright pink or even orange, the choice is yours to make.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in stylish dog clothes, fancy dog collars and have her sleep on a dog crate bed when her parents are at work.

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