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21 Apr 2008

Dog collars are used for different purposes. Some use the dog collar to train their dog, some use it to identify their pets, and then there are some who use jeweled dog collars. What helps you decide when to use the different types of collars. I personally believe that a dog collar should not be used for a choke hold on the dog. That seems more abusive than training to me. Training of a dog should begin as soon as one adopts their pooch. If your dog has a habit of running around the park or the neighborhood, there are chances that he could get lost or picked up by the pound. If your dog has a collar with his name and other identifications on it, it would be easier to get your pet back.

There are some dog owners/lovers who use the dog collar as part of jewelry. There are many varieties of jeweled dog collars. Some are leather or imitation leather with a row of jewels, rhinestones, precious stones or even diamonds. These are still at the useful purpose status. A leash may still be attached to this type of collar. There are pendants in different colors and types of jewels that can be attached to the collar just as one attaches a pendant to a necklace.

Then there are the collars that are really only for adornment. These could be made of strings of jewels or maybe just one string of jewels, and matching hair clips. The wealthy dog owner can afford to have diamonds, rubies and emeralds in these collars. Many have matching jewelry created for themselves and their pooches. These dogs live the high society life, with designer dog clothes, designer dog food and special dog food dishes all customized for them. These dog collars are simply for the purpose of adornment, as humans wear necklaces and earrings and other jewelry. So the jeweled dog collars are really not serviceable, and used for the adornment of the pet. Usually, the pets who wear this type of jewelry, are close to their owners and probably are carried in a designer bag or purse. The small dogs thus become part of the accessory of the dog owner.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer clothes, jeweled dog collars and have her sleep on designer dog beds.

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