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22 Apr 2008

Your dog comes to you with his own coat, which is the fur on it's body. There are some dogs who have heavy coats, and there are those whose coats are skimpy. Is it important to take care of your dog's coat? Yes,it is very important. If you neglect the care of his coat, there will be serious matting of the fur, and you will not be able to brush it out if you neglect the care of his coat. A dog's coat needs to be washed, dried and brushed regularly so that it will look good and feel good. When your dog's fur gets too matted, you will end up having to cut it off if you cannot brush it out properly.

It is important to brush your dogs hair on a daily basis if you want it to look it's best. If you choose to dress your dog, please be sure to brush his hair after you remove the clothes. The friction of the clothes with the fur tends to cause the fur to get matted. When trying to brush a matted fur, start from the ends of the fur first and work your way up to the closest to the body. This way the mat comes out easier without causing your pet too much discomfort. It works the same way as with human hair. If you think it will hurt you, then you know that if you applied the same method on the dog, it will cause him pain.

If you choose to groom your dog by cutting off his fur to a shorter, more manageable length, you will still need to brush the fur often, but it will be less time consuming. Now when your dog's fur is shorter, we must realize that when it gets cold, he will need a fleece or winter coat to keep him warm. If your dog runs outside in the yard a lot, you will need to give him baths more often. Be sure to choose a shampoo that will bring out the beauty of your dog's natural coat. There are shampoos with conditioners that will render his coat soft and manageable. When your dog's coat becomes dirty, it may cause him to have an unpleasant odor. The shampoo will remove the odor and his coat will have a nice clean scent.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, jeweled dog harnesses and have her sleep on designer dog beds

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