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28 Apr 2008

Many people who have dogs or other pets are concerned about who will care for their pets when they go on vacation. Some people can afford to leave their pets in good kennels. There are even great doggie motels with all the luxuries of a spa where the pets can stay. But then there are some, like my mom, who do not like to have to put their dogs in a kennel for fear that he will not be cared for like she does. But there are Senior Citizens who are looking for a job they can do to subsidize their Social Security income. Many Seniors are willing to dog sit, or pet sit for you. AARP reported that not only is this a good job for Senior Citizens, but it also helps them stay healthy. Dogs and animals have a way of keeping us from being stressed out, and thus keep us healthy.

Dogs are great companions and when trained well, can do a lot of things to help us around the house. There are dogs who can help diabetics, by alerting them when their blood sugar goes down. Dogs are even taught to call 911 if you have a heart attack or seizure or are unresponsive. Dogs are trained to pick up things that have fallen and are out of your reach. The other day I saw where a dog even helped his owner at the ATM machine. Dogs are great Guide dogs for the blind. If you are good with dogs, you could even sign up to train puppies to become Guide Dogs.

Patience is a great virtue in training dogs. Yelling at a dog does not help. Dogs respond to love and quiet commands. They do better when they are rewarded for their obedience. At first you can reward him with a treat but eventually, just praising him for doing a good job helps. Dogs have so much love to give. As we get older and are alone, and a dog makes a great companion. He does not talk back or argue with you. He is honest, loving, and faithful. What more can we ask of them. If as a Senior Citizen you don't want the responsibility of having a dog at home, taking care of them part time for others will give you the joy and peace you need. And this will also get you out of the house whether you feel like it or not, thus making you feel less lonely. Dogs are looking for love and they will shower you with love, so this is a win-win situation for both the dogs and the Senior Citizens.

I know this for a fact because I have fibromyalgia and am over 50. I was afraid to adopt a dog because I did not feel that I could take good care of one. But my daughter brings her dog home when she visits and sometimes I get to keep her for a while when they go on vacation. She is such a sweet dog and keeps me company wherever I go. I do feel better when she is with me. And when she is not, my daughter tells me about all her antics and it brings me joy.

Evangeline Samuel PhD is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company and has created a website called puppydazzles to provide her and other dog lovers with luxury dog apparel, designer dog beds, and boy dog shirts among other things.

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