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15 Jun 2008

I know my little 'grandpuppy' Kate is very afraid the storms. She gets agitated and wants to run and hide. The first time there was thunder she went and got in her crate. Sometimes she will under the bed, or under a table, anything to get away from loud noises. July 4th is a family time to celebrate our liberty, with picnics and parties. Our pets would love to be a part of all the festivities. However, there is one part of the 4th of July that is difficult for our pets, and that is fireworks. I was reading in the paper about a complaint a lady had that her neighbors have already started using firecrackers and it is bothering her dogs.

How can you protect your dog from the fireworks?

  • Do not allow your dog to sniff through or carry any unused fireworks, and do let them pick any lit fireworks as it will explode in their face and cause major facial damage. The worst will be if it gets into their eye.

  • Do not take them to a fireworks

  • Keep them far away from any planned fireworks

  • Keep your pets inside the house with a place they can go under to keep from hearing the noise

  • Do not set off fireworks with you pet walking around

  • This is a good rule of thumb to bring even your outdoor pets indoors, for their protection

  • Check to see where the planned fireworks are go see that instead of shooting them yourselves.

One July 4th a long time ago, we were invited to the home of a friend to shoot fireworks over the lake. Nobody realized that the dog was outside. At first he ran to catch one of the firecrackers in his mouth, and the owners got it away from him in time to let it go. The dog was howling and barking, and the kids thought the dog was having fun. But in a short time we realized that the dog was not happy and needed to be a safe and secure place. Give them blankets to crawl under, or they can be in the farthest room from where the sounds are coming. The bottle rockets can be scary if the dog runs and gets it in his mouth before it goes off,

Let us make this 4th of July a fun and safe time for all concerned. Both the humans and the dogs.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes

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