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5 Aug 2008

As pet owners we look for fancy dog beds because they are so cute, and look so pretty, and it matches all your furniture. We think that maybe that round bed with metal ornamental frame looks so good. Do our pets really care what the bed looks like? I am sure that to some extent our pets do have good taste and like pretty things. Remember, they love to be in your bed. Now if your bed was not so comfortable, and does not look so good, would you like to sleep in it? Just as we look for certain features when we choose our own bedroom furniture. Here are some tips in choosing a bed for your pooch:

  • Looks are important

  • The fabric must be soft, the color depends on your decor

  • Odor absorbent crystals in the pet is important

  • Thickness of the mattress pad indicates how comfortable it will be

  • Memory foam mattress would make it more comfortable, especially for heavier and older dogs

  • Thermal mattresses offer warmth to arthritic dogs

  • Cooling dog beds are a great comfort in the heat

  • Make sure that the cover of the mattress is removable so it can be washed and sanitized, or else it will stink after a while

  • If your dog sleeps outdoors, an elevated dog bed may be a better choice so that it won't be so hard on the ground, and will not pick up dirt

  • Some dogs have an attraction to silk and satin like my Kate. She begins to scratch and get ready to sleep when she sees satin, especially under the Christmas tree

  • It is alright to find a fancy or designer dog beds, as long as they are comfortable too

Just as we like to lay our heads on a soft pillow, dogs like pillows and even blankets to cover. When I was growing up, we had a big white dog who slept on the floor. But as soon as we left the house, he would jump onto the bed, put his head on the pillow and cover himself. Then when we get home, and he hears us opening the door, he will get on the floor and sleep as if he was there all along. One day we spied on him and discovered his secret. In India the dogs were expected to sleep on the floor. Now I know better. So be kind to your four-legged friends and give them a comfortable and pretty bed for themselves so they won't have to sneak into your bed for comfort.

Evangeline Samuel owns the online store, Puppydazzles which offers you fancy dog beds, because you deserve to have the best for your dog.

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