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27 Aug 2008

It is an exciting time when you go to different puppy stores and look online for just the right pup to suit your household.  After months of looking and learning and finally you are ready to go bring your cute puppy home, or are you? Have you decided where your puppy is going to stay?  Are you ready for all the 'accidents' while you are 'potty training' your little one?  What are the things you have to do to prepare before you bring your precious baby home?

  • Just like when you bring a baby home, you need to choose and set up the puppy's bed (unless you want him to sleep with you).

  • Puppy proof your house by getting baby gate to keep your puppy out of the restricted areas of your home

  • Get lots of urine pads to catch all the little accidents while you are training your puppy to go outside

  • Choose a pretty bowl for the food

  • Decide what dog food you will feed your puppy

  • Get a water bowl or a water dispenser

  • Choose the collar or harness you are going to use for your puppy

  • Yes, buy lots of treats!

  • You will need a lot of toys so that your puppy does not chew on your furniture or shoes

  • Choose a crate and a crate bed where you will have your puppy stay while you are out

  • Decide if you are going to dress your puppy and check out what is available- there are a lot of nice things online

  • Choose your Veterinarian and the dog hospital where you will have your puppy vaccinated and neutered or spayed

Pet owners in the USA pamper their pets with the best of everything.  A dog's life is almost better than our lives, since we have to work, while all they have to do is love you.  Depending on whether your puppy is a boy or a girl, you will choose the colors and styles of dog products you will get.  It also depends on your own home decor. But most of all you will choose your dog colors by what your favorite color is.  Check with the Veterinarian about the best food for your puppy, and then you can change according to his/her growth pattern.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. owns an online store, puppydazzles which offers designer dog clothes, because you deserve the very best for your pet.

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