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10 Mar 2008

Why do dogs need memory foam beds? Dogs or other pets have become a member of your family, and should be treated as such. When we have arthritis or other painful conditions we look for ways to provide for our comfort, and so we may choose a special bed for ourselves. I know that I spent a long time checking out all the different mattresses out there before I chose one for myself. My Chiropractor suggested a certain type of mattress that was best for my needs. Should we not offer the same comfort to our 4-legged family member? Our pets cannot tell us when they are in pain and what is uncomfortable. We deduce this by the way they slow down, and cannot jump and run like they used to. Even their eager greeting of their master seems to slow down. These are signs of arthritis and the Veterinarian will offer other treatments for their pain, but very often he will suggest a soft but firm bed.

Memory foam was developed for NASA in the 1970's. However, it was never used in any space missions. By the 1990's memory foam was brought to the consumer. It conforms to your body shape, weight and temperature and thus prevents painful pressure areas and aligns your body. When one is uncomfortable and needs support for our pain we buy the best pillow and or mattress for our aching bodies. There are many types of beds available and we must be careful to choose one that best fits our needs.

In the same token, we must consider the needs of our aging dogs. There are many types of dog beds available in the market these days. When we choose a bed, we must consider the size and weight of the dog. Based on the weight and size of the dog, you can choose the thickness of the foam when you purchase a bed for your dog. The foam conforms to the dog's weight and shape, and evenly distributes their weight to minimize the pressure points. It also aligns the dog's body for a restful sleep. It is not only for the aging dog that we consider choosing a memory foam bed, we can choose it for the comfort of our pet. We can choose a bed because it is pretty, or luxurious or fancy, but we must also look for the comfort of our 4-legged friends. You can get both beauty, uniqueness and comfort in a bed that gives support and is soft.

Evangeline Samuel PhD was a nurse and healthcare manager, who likes a memory foam bed due to her own situation with fibromyalgia. She believes that memory foam dog beds are important for our pets too. She has a puppy in her life (her 'grandbaby') who she simply adores and believes that a luxury dog bed will be great for her.

Evangeline Samuel
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