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19 Mar 2008

Kate, my 'grandpuppy' went to see the Veterinarian today. This was her regular checkup and time for her vaccinations. Both her human parents went with her and she was a trooper. She hardly even notices when the doctor takes blood or gives her the vaccination. The Veterinarian is really very kind and professional. He has a good relationship with his clients. I went with them the last time she needed to go and I was surprised how well she behaved. In fact she was excited to see the doctor and his staff. That says a lot about the Veterinarian and his staff. Kate is a very friendly puppy and she just loves the attention and so does not mind it when the doctor handles her.

When I went with her, they drew blood in front of me and I did not really notice it and Kate did not whimper at all. The vaccinations helps her build up immunity so that she will not catch any of the serious illnesses that a dog may catch. When she was a tiny puppy and feeding from her mom, she would have gotten some immunity from her, but after they are separated and human parents step in, it is important for your pet to:

1. Have their regular vaccinations

2. Have regular checkups with the Veterinarian

3. Treat for heart worms

4. Treat for allergies

Kate actually has allergies, and her tears stain her face. It is important to clean her tears before it gets too dry. I use wet wipes and she does not mind that at all. However, there are products on the market to clear the stains from the tears. Kate has a dark body (Yorkie coloration) and so it does not show up too bad. But her brothers are pure white Maltese, and I am sure that the tear stains are much more visible than Kate's, but it still needs to be cleaned and her allergy medications have to be administered regularly.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, jeweled dog collars and likes having her sleep in designer dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel
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