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21 Mar 2008

In Little Rock, Arkansas, a volunteer group called 'Angels' Care Animal Rescue' is hosting their third 'Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt.' Dogs and their owners are invited to come and sniff and find 2000 treat-filled Easter Eggs. So what could the problem be with a harmless Easter Egg Hunt?

  1. If the dogs bite into the plastic eggs they may swallow it and the plastic can be poisonous to their systems, or at the very least, it could cause minor cuts in their mouths.
  2. All dog owners know or rather should know that if the eggs contain chocolate, it could be lethal to their pooches.
  3. If owners decide to use boiled eggs, it spoils soon, and if the eggs are found several days later, it could cause stomach problems for the dog.
  4. If baskets are left lying around and the dogs find them more interesting than the eggs, it depends on the type of basket, it may cause problems.
  5. Now with lead in so many things made in china, one needs to be extra careful what their dogs bite into.
  6. I am sure this group will be careful of what they bring, but one must always be aware of what else is around when it is in a public area like a park.

This group is also having an Easter Bonnet Parade, where all the dogs will be dressed in their Easter best, that would be designer dog clothes, or the most stylish dog clothes. The dogs will have a parade where they can strut their stuff and wiggle their tails in the finest clothes and Easter bonnet.

This will be a lot of fun for the dog owners.

Some dogs love to be all dressed up but there are some that are almost too shy to wear frilly clothes, It is important for the owner to make sure their dog likes to be dressed up, and that the apparel they choose for their dog actually suits them. Have you seen large dogs who look so unhappy in little tutus, and little dogs will trip over clothes that do not fit them well. The design and size of the clothes must suit the size and breed of dog.

There will be a photographer to take pictures of the dogs and their owners, but I hope the owners don't forget to get their own pictures as soon as they dress their dogs, so they will be fresh and may even pose for a few lovely pictures that can be saved for posterity.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, stylish dog clothes and jeweled dog collars. Kate is a Morkie, and is part Maltese and part Yorkie. She is a beautiful little dog that looks like a Maltese and has the coloration of a Yorkie.

Evangeline Samuel
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