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25 Mar 2008

My daughter got her first puppy after she got married. She spent a lot of time away from home while in school, and so we did not have a dog at home. She and her husband had been to many pet stores looking for that perfect puppy. They took me to many of the pet stores to look for a puppy. They fell in love with every puppy they saw and my heart strings were being tugged. I am a pediatric nurse and I love babies. I love all kinds of babies, and so it was easy for me to fall in love with those beautiful puppies.

One day she called me and said that they had purchased an 8 week old 'Morkie" (a mix of Maltese and Yorkie). She actually sent me pictures by email of Kate and her brothers. I saw 2 white puppies and this darker one. I thought she would go for the white ones but they fell in love with the one with a black body and some white on her face. They brought her home on a Saturday, and I went the next day to see my new 'grandpuppy'. However, when my daughter answered the door, she was so tired and sleepy, and I could not help but ask: "Baby kept you up all night?" She said that Kate was crying a lot during the night and they had to wake up several times to take her out and just comfort her before she would go to sleep.

There are several similarities between a human baby and a new puppy:

  • They both cry a lot
  • They both need to go potty a lot because they have small bladders
  • They both need a lot of love and security
  • They both need to be fed often
  • They both need toys or a stuffed animal to keep them company
  • The new parents do not get much sleep for the first few weeks
  • It is good to have someone watch them while the parents catch up on their sleep, so they won't be grouchy

So in a way bringing a new puppy home is the same as bringing a new baby home, except a human baby needs a lot more care and takes a lot longer to grow out of their need for constant care. Thankfully, puppies grow up to be adults a lot faster than a human baby. So, it is a good experience to have and love a puppy before bringing home a human baby. An adult dog still needs and wants a lot of attention, and we must not forget that. Although a dog cannot talk, he/she can certainly tell you what they want.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in stylish dog clothes, and pretty dog harnesses and have her sleep on designer dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel
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