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23 Mar 2008

Kate was 8 weeks old when my daughter and her husband brought her home on a Saturday. I was anxious to meet my 'grandpuppy' and so I drove over on Sunday to see her. It took a while for my daughter to answer the door, and one look at her and I knew she did not sleep much the previous night. She said that the puppy(just like human babies) kept her up all night with her crying. She sounded just like a human baby too. Of course she needed to use the potty a lot because her bladder is small, and she missed her momma and 2 brothers. It is important for us to be prepared for a puppy before we bring them home. The new 'parents' need a little help now and again. My daughter and her husband were really ready to be 'parents'. They read all the books they could. They even bought one of those heart sound toys so Kate would be able to hear it. She had so many toys and even a baby playpen for such a little bitty puppy. However, they soon discovered that Kate could climb out of the play pen and besides, she did not like being in there. Her favorite place was on her 'daddy's' tummy. It isn't unusual to find that a human baby loves the same place. My brother became a grandfather to a beautiful baby girl, recently. When I called to ask him how his grand daughter was doing, he said he went over to his daughter's home, and the baby fell asleep on his chest till midnight. Puppies and human babies are a lot alike, but they have many differences too. Puppies grow up faster, and can walk on their own and eat on their own, but they both need a lot of love, and we are privileged to give them all our love.



About the Author

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes,and fancy dog collars and have her sleep on designer dog beds.


Evangeline Samuel PhD
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