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26 Mar 2008


Choosing a pet is not really as easy as one thinks. Most people want a cute puppy that is healthy. One that all of the family will fall in love with. Steps to take before choosing your pet: 1.Many times it takes a long time to fight just the right fit. 3.Then there are expenses to look at. 4 Be on you best lookout when looking for a puppy that is advertised online. 5.Make sure the online sale is from a reputable person. There are too many scams out there. 6. Do not sign any papers or pay anything until you have seen the puppy and held hi, 7. There are scams where the internet person may have sold it to several people and you may never get your pooch. Speaking of Scams. My daughter found a cute white Maltese in a paper and was convincing me to get him. I wrote the lady and she wrote back some weird emails such as: what makes you think you can care for my pet? How do I know if you might abuse my pet......etc. Then she said, I will give you the dog, but I want to be sure... besides I am in Camaroon for a retreat. That rang a loud bell in my ear, and I knew she was scamming. So please be able to discern the difference. Do not pay money to transport a dog from another state or county. Once you part with your money, you don't have any recourse. We will discuss this issue further.

Ways to avoid the heartbreak of puppy scams: 1. Go to the animal shelter. There are some dogs there who need a home. 2. Check the humane Society. Mary Smith rescued a crippled dog from the pound and gave him food, love and security. She herself uses a wheelchair and so does her husband, who is more depended. Well they named this pet 'Tripod' I assume it is because he has three legs. But one night Tripod was barking incessantly and pulling on her clothes. When she awoke, she saw her house on fire. She rushed to her husband, and his wheelchair was burned, so she put him in hers and wheeled him out. Meanwhile Tripod had not let go till they were all out and safe. 'One good turn deserves another' is as the saying goes. Mary was just doing a random act of kindness, and falling in love with tripod. But Tripod was not only grateful, but he truly loved his family and saved them from possible death. Our four-legged friends are very grateful, and attached. They know who their main care-taker is and the attachment is great. Our dogs need more love, as do our children.


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Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, Unique dog collars and have her sleep in designer dog beds.


Evangeline Samuel PhD
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