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Sleeves or not have sleeves
27 Mar 2008

The problems to avoid when dressing your dog   by Evangeline Samuel PhD.

Your puppy is getting ready (or rather you are getting ready)to celebrate another birthday, and we will be having mother's day, July 4th, and parties out on the beach. So you will have lots of decisions to make. Are you having all the other pooch friends to the birthday party, or is it just a family time. So there will be opportunities to dress both, your girl and boy dogs. Whatever you decide, remember to have a doggie cake for your dog and his friends. Of course the treats won't be difficult since they are already made up. Before you decide on a birthday cake , make sure find out all the human food you dog can handle. Keep chocolate out. There are a bunch of vegetables dogs cannot have because it will be lethal for the dog.

Next, what is the birthday girl or boy going to wear for the party? If you have a girl, you can get the best designer dog clothes for her. There are also cute Teeshirts and twin sets and tuxedos for the boys(I think they make them look so handsome!) Make sure their clothes are laundered well in gentle non allergenic soap, so there will be no irritation on their skins. While dressing the boy dog in his handsome shirts and ties, dog tuxedos, and great Hawaiian dog shirts, one must check out the closures on the material so you can keep his neck free and adjustable, otherwise you pup will not enjoy himself or herself. Even when you decide to put on pants and dog tuxedos on, there must be an opening in it from the back so as not to soil the lovely designer clothes. Don't serve drink that will stain, because between wanting the clothes to still look good and kids dumping them all over, it will be difficult. All I can say, is take pictures before the party, when your pooch is freshly dressed. They will be more cooperative at that time.

About the Author

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, fancy dog collars and have her sleep in luxury dog beds.


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