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28 Mar 2008

I was reading the newspaper and came across this interesting article about this disabled Rat Terrier dog. I guess I was very curious about the title "Rat terrier saved from shelter saves couple from flames." This dog was crippled and was being taken to the animal shelter or humane society, when Mary Smith decided to save him. She took him home and nursed him and began to love him. She named him "Tripod". I assume that he must have had only three legs. Mary and her husband both are in wheelchairs.

One night, Mary heard Tripod barking at her incessantly, and she woke up to find the house on fire. When she got to her husband, his wheelchair was already in flames. Mary just grabbed her own wheelchair and put her husband in it and wheeled him out to safety. Tripod did not stop barking and pulling at her until they were safely out of the house. Her husband had an electric wheelchair and it burned down. They lost everything in that fire, including their prescription medication they had just picked up from the drug store. Had it not been for Tripod, they would have lost their lives that night. Their house burned down, but their lives were saved. All because, Mary had taken in a crippled dog and saved his life. Dogs are very loyal.

There are a few things that would be helpful when you are looking for a new pet:

  • Look for a pet at the humane society or the animal shelter
  • Pick out the one who needs you most, not the one you need most
  • Shower your pet with love and they will be faithful to you
  • If at all possible, adopt a special needs animal
  • I read somewhere that black dogs are the last to be adopted, so take a look at them
  • If you are an animal lover, volunteer some time at the humane society, since all the animals may not get adopted
  • Remember to feed your pets regularly, but do not overfeed. Animal obesity can lead to health problems.

When Mary adopted Tripod, she was just doing a good deed, never realizing that one day Tripod would save their lives. Most often we all like to get the cutest puppy just like parents who want to adopt, want babies. Just like children, older dogs may be a better choice if you have the love to give them. Random acts of kindness towards animals, or anyone else always comes back to you when you least expect it. So be good to your pets, children and parents. This world could use a lot more love and lot less abuse. Mary says that she loves Tripod more than ever.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, dog rain coats when it rains, and have her sleep on luxury dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel
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