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31 Mar 2008

Once you have made the decision to adopt a dog, the next question is, what do name him/her? That can be an interesting situation. When you name your children, you take into consideration the names of your parents or grandparents or someone famous. But your dog is different. You certainly do not want to name them after one of your relatives. That may cause trouble.

One of the ways to come up with names is to see what nicknames come into mind when you think of that cute puppy. Names such as Scooter, Rascal, Fido and Rover come into mind. What about girl dog names? Names like Molly, Muffin, or Penny may be appropriate. Some name their dogs based on how they look. For instance a dog with spots, may be named 'Spotty' or 'Socks' for a dog with black feet and white body. Spot is also a common name. My next door neighbor had a poodle name Lonnie, we had a black furry dog when I was younger and her name was Pearly. A white dog we had was Sandy.

My brother brought a black scottish terrier to my mom, asking her to keep the pup for him till Christmas and that it was a gift to his wife. So my mom started calling him Blackie. When Christmas came around my brother told my mom that the dog was a gift to her. My sister did not think he should be called Blackie, and so we considered some names. I thought if there was a change in names it should be close to the first one, and so he came to be named Lucky. My nephew has a dog named Bentley and my daughter's dog was named Kate. Since my daughter loved Kate Spade purses, when Kate was neutered we teasingly said she was now 'Kate Spayed.' We call her Katie Bug,Bug doodles, Pooey and just about any endearing terms that comes to mind at a given time.

So is there a particular way to name a dog? Not really. It depends on what you want to call your dog. Usually the name comes after you have seen your new puppy, but sometimes, you have the name in mind before you even consider getting a dog. Like my daughter and her husband think they will call their second dog Rascal. Actually brought home a puppy they named Rascal, but had to return him because of problems he had.


About the Author

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, Unique dog collars and have her sleep in designer dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel PhD
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