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1 Apr 2008

expert ezine authorTo dress your dog or not to dress? Seems like everybody is dressing up their pretty dogs. Wait a minute, only girl dogs get to dress up? No there actually are very nice designer dog apparel for both male and female dogs. It seems that everybody is selling girl dog clothes, but there are some really nice dog tuxedos, dog shirts and pants.

What are some things we must remember when dressing your dogs?

  • Make sure you measure your dog for the outfit
  • Preferably don't do long sleeves for small dogs - they may trip over it, or it may be too uncomfortable
  • Look for velcro closures for a comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Leave a little room in the clothes so as not to suffocate your dog
  • Consider their comfort just as you would a human
  • Don't try to use the smaller size clothes that your dog has outgrown - they cannot tell you how tight it feels
  • Dogs should not have to 'suck it in' when they are dressed
  • When your dog starts to pout or be irritable- check their clothing to make sure there are no snags or too tight
  • Consider using sleeveless clothes for your small dogs
  • Groom your dog before you dress them -
  • Be careful to brush your dog after you remove their clothes - clothes make the hair matted
  • When the hair gets matted, it hurts your dog when you have to brush out the mats
  • Always pull their hair out of their eyes and in a clip so they can see to walk

So the answer to the question, long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless? The rule of thumb is if you feel too warm to wear long sleeves, your pet will definitely not need it. Always dress them a little less than you would yourself. Remember they have fur and that causes them to have the layer effect which captures the a layer of warm air thus rendering them warmer than us. I am sure you remember being told to layer your clothes in the winter to keep you warmer. That is how your dog feels even with one layer of clothing on.

Did I mention that the Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey, put on a 'dog cotillion', where the men dressed in tuxedos - I am sure the male dogs too. The ladies, both the four legged ones and the 2 legged were dressed in designer ball gowns and the pooches had jeweled collars. They were all so dressed up enjoying the treats both for the humans and their dogs. The dogs were very well behaved, and enjoyed their treats. The atmosphere was so great "they could have danced all night." from Star ledger NJ, Newark.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, pretty dog harnesses and have her sleep on luxury dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel PhD
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