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2 Apr 2008

You have been dreaming about the perfect puppy that you want. Along the way, it could have years, you have changed your mind as to what kind of dog you want. You may have thought of a big dog, like a Chow or a Labrador, and later you may have thought of a smaller dog, but the time has come that you have made your choice. You called the kennel or person and have made arrangements to pick up your pup. Have you already picked out a name, or are you waiting to see the pup to decide on the name. What do you look for in a name for your new member of the the family?

  • Do you name your pup after a family member? I do not think that will go very well at your next family get together.
  • Maybe your dog has a black patch on his eye, so you may call him Patch.
  • Or like the cat Socks that was black and had white feet.
  • Are there specific names out there just for dogs?
  • Can you choose any name you want to?
  • Why not? This is your baby and you can give any whimsical or fancy or run of the mill name you decide to.
  • I had a white dog named Sandy and a black dog named Pearlie.
  • My mom was given a black Scottish Terrier to keep till Christmas for my sister-in-law, so she did not know what to call him, so she called him Blackie. But Christmas came and my brother told my mom that Blackie was hers. Well, we just could not leave him with that name. I decided that if we changed his name, it should not be too different or he may not respond to it. We decided on the name Lucky. Lucky liked his name.
  • In books we find names like Rover and Spot, but in real life we have some interesting names for our dogs.
  • My nephew has a pit bull pup named Bentley.
  • My daughter named her pup Kate. We all knew that she loved Kate Spade purses and so when Kate was neutered, we said she was now Kate Spayed. She did not think it was funny.
  • Kate is a beautiful Morkie and does not know that she is not a human. She has great personality and we call her by every endearing word there is and she responds to them all.
So is there a special set of rules you have to abide by? No. You can name them anything you want, but within reason. You do not want to give them a name you cannot pronounce or is so bad that you cannot say it front of others. Remember your pup is your baby and choose their name with the same care and love you are going to show the lucky pup that gets to go home with you. Enjoy.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in designer clothes, fancydog harnesses and have her sleep on luxury dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel PhD
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