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3 Apr 2008

Today I was reading about fibromyalgia in the National Fibromyalgia Association online news. I read something very interesting that I never heard about it before. You see I live with chronic pain and when I saw an interesting line "Grants for Pain Relief Dogs" that caught my eye. I checked it out and was amazed.

There are dogs called Xolos and they are a breed that came from Mexico and they can provide enough heat from their bodies equal to a heating pad. They are used for people who have chronic pain and respond to heat. These are real live "hot dogs" who can provide relief from pain. If they are over 12 pounds they can even provide traction. I was really curious and I followed the link for pawsforcomfort and was able to see what these dogs look like. They hardly have any hair and can even be trained to provide some services for people in pain. They are able to retrieve things that are dropped. Right now they are not freely available and may cost a lot for a person with pain to have. They can being used for those with chronic or terminally ill pain patients.

So if you have never heard about real live "hot dogs" you have heard about them now. Hot dogs are being used as heating pads and service dogs. We have jokingly called the dachshund dog a hot dog, but now that distinction goes to the xolo dog. A dog who can provide enough heat to relieve pain. I do use heat in different ways to provide relief from pain. Seems like a long hot shower really helps. It does get to be a little inconvenient, but I can get in the hot tub for relief but it is such a bother. I also have a Shiatsu Massage pillow that I can move over my body wherever the pain is the worst. It also provides some heat. But can you imagine having a cuddly puppy that you love to hold close to you that also provides heat therapy to relieve pain.

I have resisted having a pet with me because I feel that with all the pain and the health problems I have, it would not be fair to the puppy if I could not take care of it. But I am slowly coming to think about the prospect of having a dog. I am still concerned that I would not be able to provide all the care it will need, and it does not seem fair to only use another whether it be a pet or another person, solely for one's own needs.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in dog jacket clothes, pretty harnesses and have her sleep on designer dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel PhD
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