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7 Apr 2008

According to my newspaper, a woman in Minneapolis was concerned for her Labrador Retriever when a pit bull jumped over the fence and attacked her pooch. She tried prying the pit bull's jaws off of her dog, but in desperation and great love for her own pet, she bit the pit bull on his nose. She actually bit him and broke the skin on his nose. She said she did what she had to do (did not plan on doing it) and ended up with pit bull blood in her mouth. The story does not say what happened next but we can assume the result. Amy Rice was still standing and her dog was safe, so the pit bull must have taken off in a big hurry.

I was reading stories about pit bulls. One person said that hitting the dog with a stick did not deter him from his attack. So what could have prevented this problem:

  • Dogs, especially pit bulls need to be on a leash
  • They must be kept in an enclosure that will not allow him to jump the fence like that
  • Pit bull owners must take extra precautions to keep their dog from getting out of the enclosure
  • Pit bull owners must train their dogs not to attack
  • Keeping him in a harness will be the best way to get a hold of him
  • The owners of the pit bull were negligent here.
  • Dog owners must be willing to take the responsibility for their dog's behavior
I applaud Amy Rice who thought only about the safety of her beloved Labrador Retriever, and acted quickly and got the pit bull off of her dog, and probably sent him running. What would you do in that situation? Will you do the same to save your beloved pet or a child. Desperate measures are called for in desperate situations. I hope you don't think that biting a pit bull on the nose is something to do. We have to realize that Amy was putting herself in great danger to save her pooch. Kudos to Amy for her quick thinking. It is important, however, to know that it would have been safer for herself to find a stick or something else to hit the dog to release her dog. But she was so brave she actually tried to pry the pit bull's jaws apart, before she bit him.

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter's dog, Kate's company, and loves dressing her up in jeweled dog collars, fancy harnesses and have her sleep on designer dog beds.

Evangeline Samuel Phd
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